21 Deep Penetration Positions for Amorous and Adventurous Couples


Sex is an intimate mingling of two bodies and souls, which both men and women enjoy. While it can be enthralling and exciting for many, it turns out to be depressing for some couples, too.

There have been situations when men have gone crazy with their mate’s remarks of not penetrating deep enough. Even after repeated trials of bringing in satisfaction, the nervousness men feel can prevail.

What men need is a deeper understanding of the techniques, so that they can satisfy their partner. In this article, men will learn how to perform different sex positions in order to give their mate maximum satisfaction. Here are some selected deep penetration positions to add zest to your sex life. Let’s start with these sizzling sex positions.

1. The Butterfly Position: Works Best on Both Bed and Table

This position makes the woman relax and enjoy sex, while the man is in charge. Here is how butterfly position is done:

  • enjoy sexLay on the edge of a bed or table and ask your man to place himself right in front of you.
  • Raise your leg and comfortably rest your foot on his shoulder, whilst he tries to lift your buttocks and insert his penis in.

This is an easy and comfortable position for women, as they do not have to make much of efforts and can comfortable feel all the action. It should be a best choice for beginners, as the man can insert his penis at the right spot, and make his moves harder, deeper and easier.

2. Woman On The Lap For Deeper Penetration

While one may love to rest on a table and get all the action, men sometimes desire rest during sex too, and this position suits perfectly. You can do it by following these steps:

  • The man should sit on a sofa which is as high as his shoulder, or on the edge of the bed.
  • The woman sits on the man’s lap while facing him, with her legs on either side of his body.
  • The man should slowly insert his penis into the vagina, while the woman takes charge and enjoys deeper penetration.

Tip: This can get even more comfortable while the woman raises her legs and rests on the man’s shoulders, while he holds her back. With no barriers standing between them, this is an extremely intimate position and offers a deeper penetration.

3. Leg on The Man’s Shoulder For Sizzling Sex

This is one of the quickest and easiest deep penetration positions.

Here is how you can do this:

  • Stand facing your partner, close enough to raise one leg and keep it on the man’s shoulder.
  • The man helps by holding your raised leg. With his free hand, he holds your waist and inserts the penis into the vagina.
  • As both of you are free to move, deeper penetration becomes easy.

Tip: For more fun, you can make the woman stand with her back to the wall. Then, penetrate her as deeply as you can. This will help you to push your penis in, while you have the support of the wall.

4. The Anvil Position: This Makes The Woman Want More

makes the woman want moreWhile lying in the missionary position, it might get a little difficult to penetrate much deeper. In order to get easier access and help men to penetrate deeper, they can raise one of their woman’s legs and keep it on their shoulder.

The anvil position is far sexier than the missionary position, because it makes the man’s pubic bone rub against the woman’s pubic hair and stimulates the clitoris. For an intense orgasm and a more intimate and deeper penetration, a couple must try the Anvil position.

5. Stand and Carry Position: This Is Loved By Most Couples

This is a fantasy of several women out there, and this is a spiritually enthralling position for deeper penetration. Follow these tips to do it:

  • Get up from your bed and take the woman in your arms, while she comfortably holds your waist with her legs.
  • Hold her by the hips and carry her on your body while penetrating from below.

This position makes the couples hold on to each other connecting them emotionally. The force of the body makes deeper penetration much easier.

6. The Girl Bridge Position: Experience a Mind Blowing Time

Not really the best position for all couples, because it requires partners who are fitter and exercise regularly. In general, woman is unable to hold onto this position for more than a minute since it required strength and stamina.

Here is how you can do this:

  • The woman should sit on the ground with her back against the floor.
  • She should use her legs and hands to support her while she looks at the ceiling.
  • The man should bend on his knees and insert his penis between her legs, while she lays like a bridge connected to him.
  • The thrusting will make movements, which may push her off a little but create better penetration too.

7. The Turtle Position: The Perfect Position For Most Couples

The turtle position is perfect for the couples who have size problems. It is an extension of the doggy style, and can therefore be a little easier for the men to penetrate deeper.couples who have size problems

Here is how you can do it:

  • The woman has to sit doggy style and bend a little.
  • She should wrap her arms around her knees and raise her lower back.
  • The man sits upright on his knees from behind, and penetrates the vagina.

This is extremely easy for men, as they can take hold of the woman’s waist while thrusting.

8. Pushing Tush Position: One of the Effective Deep Penetration Positions

If your partner loves getting intimate behind doors and silent corners – then this one is for you. Follow these simple steps:

  • Slide your penis in her vagina and thrust deeper.
  • In order to make things sexier, the woman can explore the buttocks of her guy. You can probably do a yoga technique with his butt cheeks while he is doing his job on you. This is a technique where you can push apart and play with the buttocks of your man.

This technique works as a trigger to arouse him and help him to give you deeper penetration.

9. The Hero Position: This Makes the Bond Stronger Between Partners

When you get bored with your usual sex position or with doggy style, you may try the hero sex position to make things sexier. Here is how to do:

  • The woman lies on her back and raises her hips and legs above the floor.
  • The man swiftly slides his bent knees below her back. He holds the woman’s legs and penetrates her, while her legs are in the air.
  • The position helps stimulate the sensual parts, and can therefore be truly orgasmic once both partners start enjoying the position.

Most of these sex positions require high sexual stamina and more energy. In order to get harder erections and increased stamina, you can choose to buy Prosolution pills. These male enhancement supplements help you to get a jump in sex drive and lets you penetrate deeper.

10. The Deck Chair Glide: This Is Perfect For a Passionate and Lengthy Sex Session

missionaryMissionary can get boring when performed for long. It is required to keep adding variations to the missionary position, in order to provide deeper penetration to your woman; thus, the deck chair glide can be an option you might like to explore. Here are the steps to do it:

  • The man should support himself by leaning back on his hands, while sitting. His legs should be stretched out.
  • The woman should back on a pillow, facing her partner. Her feet should be onto his shoulders.
  • In order to penetrate deeper, man can move the pillow under her woman’s hips.

11. The Fusion Sex Position: Quicker Orgasms for Her

This is like the criss-cross fusion position, which makes the couples enjoy sex individually. You can do it easily by following these steps:

  • The man sits with his legs laid open on the bed, while supporting his body with his hands b placed behind him.
  • The woman does the same in front of him, except that her legs cross over the man’s body and rest somewhere near his waist or shoulder – making them close enough to penetrate inside.
  • The constant thrusting of the penis inside the vagina rhythmically, while looking at each other, can be a lot of fun for both partners.

Note: In order to make this sex position more passionate, one of the partners needs to talk dirty and keep up the sizzling heat. This is because, in this sex position, no other body parts are touching each other, and thus heat may fail to last for long and fade away.

12. The Launch Pad Position: An Erotic Position for Both Partners

This is the men’s version of women on top, where men get to dominate almost on top of women. Here are the steps to do it:

  • The woman has to lay comfortably on bed, while the man holds her legs and raises it in the air.
  • man on topThe man positions himself well, in order to be able to thrust his penis inside the vagina, while raising the woman’s hips a little above the bed.
  • Her legs should be right in front of him with her feet placed on his chest. This will give him a comfortable grip and make his penis penetrate deeper in rhythm, while the woman moves with each thrust.

Getting the feeling of man on top and riding his woman makes this is a most desirable position by men. You can adjust the leg position to different sides to achieve stimulation and different levels of penetration.

13. The Brute Ride By Men: Allows for Huge Flexibility with Penetration

This is one of the most unusual positions to explore; however, most couples usually don’t practice it. You can best understand it as a variation to the launch pad position. Here is how you can do it:

  • The woman lies on bed with her knees bent and raised in the air.
  • The man will stand on his knees with his back towards his woman.
  • He will bend down to get closer to his woman in a squat position.
  • The squatting will make his penis enter the vagina and thus, with repeated minor squats, the thrusting will happen.

As difficult as it sounds, it can make you a little adventurous to explore this position and you may take time to master it.

14. The Big Dipper Position: Satisfying Position for Woman

This position is like a sexercise and a joy ride for the couples who like to work out and get intimate. Follow these steps to do it:

  • In this position, the man tries to do the triceps bench dips while lying upright.
  • The woman stands in front of him with her legs on either side of his buttocks.
  • She bends a little while the man does his triceps bench dips.
  • The constant up and down of the man’s body makes the penis penetrate into the vagina and thus, helps in having sex while working out.

This can be an effective way to burn some extra calories while enjoying sex. However it can get really tiresome for couples who are not used to high-intensity workouts or sex.

15. The Deep Impact Sex Position: Make Your Partner Cry Out In Pleasure

Cry Out In PleasureAnother crisscross sex deep penetration position, which is undoubtedly famous amongst couples, is the deep impact sex position. Do these steps in order to enjoy deep penetration:

  • The woman should lie on her back with her legs resting on the shoulders of her guy.
  • The guy enters her from a kneeling position, in order to provide her a deeper penetration.
  • Women should be close to the edge of the bed, so the guy can fully penetrate her. This will allow you to thrust hard and make a deep penetration.

Tip: This is one of the most explored positions for deep penetration and most couples enjoy it. If the woman is not able to hold her legs raised for longer, she can bend her legs from the knees and hold them with her arms.

16. The Doggy Style: This Effectively Stimulates the G-Spot

Usually, men get a sizzling sexual experience from the doggy style position. The steps ate simple to follow.

  • The woman should face towards the bed and make use of her hands and legs to sit in a dog style. This involves her to keep her knees and hands in appropriate positions to keep her back straight, while she looks at the bed.
  • The man then slowly thrusts his penis into her vagina from behind, while holding her waist or hair or shoulders; whatever makes both of them comfortable.

This is an enjoyable sex position for both partners as it makes the penetration easier and more comfortable, while making it easy for them to hold on to it for longer. The doggy style makes the penis penetrate deeper and hits the G-spot; thus making it a therapeutic experience for both men and women.

17. The Cowgirl Ride: Have Your Woman Screaming for More

This is one of the most comfortable positions for women and quite a treat for men. The men get to relax and enjoy sex, while they also have a view of the woman’s body.

Follow these steps to start using it right away:

  • The woman sits on the man’s penis and controls the movements of the body, in order to get better penetration.
  • bend towards the man’s bodyWhile she is facing the man and kneeling to take the penis totally inside her, she can choose to keep her upper body straight or bend towards the man’s body. This will let her experience another level of comfort and connection.
  • It is a joy ride for men as they get to touch and explore the woman’s upper body, while still being inside her.

Note: This position makes the woman feel in charge of the situation. This position makes her control the speed, penetration and impact of the thrust as much as she likes.

18. The Jockey Position: Powerful Sex Position

This is a deep impact position which makes one achieve an orgasm faster. Here are the steps to do it:

  • The woman lies facing towards the bed and keeps her legs closed, while the man straddles her with his knees and legs on either side.
  • The man can then enter vaginally or anally, and move his body like jockeying on the woman.
  • The man can choose to bend a little forward and hold on to the woman like he is riding a horse, or even bend backwards to achieve a deeper penetration, while hitting the G-spot for more stimulation.

This can be a relaxing and sexually enriching experience for women, as they are most comfortable during the experience.

19. The Seated Scissors Position: One of the Secrets to Sizzling Sex

The seated scissors position is similar to a cowgirl ride with a rear entry. Here are the steps:

  • The woman sits on top of the man, with just a slight variation: her legs are crossed between the man’s legs on either side.
  • The man has to lay with his legs bent. He spreads his legs just enough for the lady to be able to sit between them. She keeps her one leg on his chest and the other beneath him. This can help in achieving maximum penetration, while maintain comfort.
  • When one of the woman’s legs moves towards her guy’s back, and the other towards his chest, it makes the vagina and penis come in close contact, thus eliminating the body pressure. This helps in getting deeper penetration, while the woman still gets to ride him, like in the cowgirl position.

20. The Crossed Keys Position: Provides Deep Penetration and Intimacy

achieve maximum satisfactionThis position helps men to achieve maximum satisfaction. Here is how you can do it:

  • The woman lies on the bed, keeping her legs off the floor and high in the air.
  • Holding her legs close and straight into the air, the man penetrates her vagina, and thrusts deeper with ease, because the woman’s body is relaxed.
  • The man can create variations into the position by making the legs move to different angles and opening and closing them, which would cause friction between the vagina and penis, creating more sensation and lubrication. Thus, women can comfortably lay and enjoy the thrust, while men dominate the whole process here.

21. The Dolphin Move: This Brings Ultimate Sensation

This is a complicated sex position, but popular amongst couples who want to experience deeper and more intimate sex. It is extremely exhilarating and helps to stimulate the G-spot for women. This, in turn, makes women stay active and excited throughout the position. Here is how you can do it:

  • The woman lies on the bed with her legs held by the man, while he is on his knees and wraps her legs around his waist. This makes the woman’s body rise at an angle where her head, shoulders and half back are still on the bed, and the lower body has risen with the support of the man’s body.
  • The man places his hands on the bottom of her body to give her complete support.

The ease to enter the vagina and the deeper penetration make this position a favorite amongst the couples who are exploring different positions, and this one gives immense satisfaction to women.

Deep penetration positions aren’t really tough to explore once you are determined to experience sex like never before. With moves like these, you can achieve maximum satisfaction and get your partner thrilled the next time you meet them on bed.


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