15 Simple Strategies to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Massage


15 Simple Strategies to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Massage

Physical intimacyPhysical intimacy is one of the most pleasurable things about being in a relationship. Engaging in sexual activities should bring out physical and emotional pleasure. Irrespective of the type of sex, you should feel satisfied with the act, at least in the ideal world.

Unfortunately, many couples who are experiencing a dry spell in their sex lives.

If you feel that sex is bland, it may be time to spice things up a little. How you feel about physical intimacy could affect your relationship with your partner. If you are on the receiving end of the cold treatment in the bedroom, you should not despair. Instead, look for creative ways to heat things up, such as mixing sex with massage.

While you can use male enhancement products like the popular pill VigRX, you may need a clearance from your doctor to take these kinds of supplements. Also, it’s not advisable to just rely on these pills to boost your sex life. Using other methods such as a sensual massage could help add sexual tension in the atmosphere.

Doing a sensual massage is a great idea because, among the libido killers out there, stress is the most common. If your partner is going through a stressful time, offering to give her a massage is a wise idea. The skin to skin contact is an awesome stress reliever which often leads to more pleasurable things.

Honing your skills in the massage department could be handy for times like this. To help you out, here are 18 tips on how to seduce your partner with a sensual massage.

1. Be a Tease: Drop in Clues That You May Want to Give Her a Massage

give her a massageOne thing that men should learn about women is that the female sex loves the anticipation as much as they relish the real thing. Women seem to overthink things and you can use that to your advantage. In fact, there are ladies who dissect everything you say to the last detail although you may not know about it.

When it comes to an erotic massage, planning is always the key. Of course, if you have much in store for her, you should give her a hint of what’s about to come. One subtle way to do this is to casually ask her if she likes massages. Almost every person loves a good massage, so you can be confident that she would love to be familiar with your relaxing touch.

To make teasing even move effective, you can give her a quick should rub while asking her is he loves a good massage to drive your point home. By now, she would be probably wondering if you are planning to give her one. While she may think that you have other intentions, a free massage would always be welcome.

2. Act Like a Professional Masseuse: Ask Her to Take Her Clothes Off the Way They Do at the Spa

Most girls think that when a guy offers a massage, it is just a pretext to have sex. Men often offer a massage when all they want to do is have sex. If you want to add excitement to your sex life, offer her a massage like you mean it.

While it’s true that you have ulterior motives, you need to be serious about giving her spa treatment because you want her to be relaxed. Give her an assurance that at this point, what you are interested in is giving her a massage. Try to appear as professional as possible as you ask her to take her clothes off for her massage.

3. Pour Her a Bath: Give Her Time Alone to Soak Her Muscles

give her time alone to soakWhen you are planning to give anyone a massage, it would be better to give them time to prepare. There’s no better way to do this than to pour her a bath. If you are not familiar with ladies and their bath time, you don’t have to worry because pouring a bath is not that complicated.

You might need to make a quick trip to a store that sells essential oils. Pick a relaxing scent such as jasmine, ylang-ylang or rose oil. There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in the hot tub while anticipating a delicious massage. At this point, try not to invite yourself in her bath because it’s meant to relax her not to please you by seeing her naked.

As suggested above always appear professional through the entire process and this includes the part where you offer to help her towel off. This is another subtle way to get her out of her clothes without appearing too eager for what’s to come. A bath is a great way to help her relax although it may not always be an option when you are going out with someone who has reservations about having one.

4. Set the Mood: Create the Perfect Ambiance fora Sensual Massage

When you are planning on giving a massage, your only focus should not just be how to touch her. It is also important to create the perfect ambiance to relax. This means that you have to clean up your place and create mood lighting. Lighting up a few candles and dimming the room are ideal in this situation.

For most women, ambiance is everything. It’s hard to enjoy a massage when you are lying next to a pile of dirty laundry and you can see litter from where you are. Most women would be on autopilot and think about cleaning up first, which will prevent them from enjoying the massage.

So, taking the time to get the usual mess around the room out of the way and to prepare a cozy atmosphere is necessary. If you are looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, you want your partner’s mind to be on what you are doing, not on how much time it would take to do the laundry.

5. Play Soothing Music: Relaxing Music Is a Must For The Right Atmosphere

play soothing musicThere’s a reason why music is considered as food for the soul. One of the simplest, but more effective ways to create a mood conducive for seduction is to play the right kind of music in the background. There’s a reason why there’s ambient music playing in a spa, and you want to recreate that kind of vibe when you are planning a massage.

While you and your girl may be fans of hip hop or rock music, this is not the right time for those beats. When doing sex massages, it would be ideal to choose soul music to bolster the sexy vibe or you can choose nature sounds to help her relax into your gentle ministrations.

6. Go from Bottom to Top: Put Her at Ease by Starting with a Foot Rub

While you may think that a massage should start from the head down, well you should scrap that idea. Instead of asking your girl to lie face down on a towel, give her footrubs first. There are a lot of nerve endings on the foot and you may want to start there before you go up.

All kinds of touch can be interpreted as sexual and it could elicit arousal. If you are lucky, your girl may be one of those women who can reach orgasm with a foot massage. If your girl isn’t one of those, a foot massage would still be a good way to relax her and keep things interesting during your massage session.

7. Get into Position: Straddle Her Back But Hold Your Weight

give a back rubWhen you are ready to give a back rub, spread a clean towel on the bed. Ask your partner to lie facedown. By now, she should be down to her underwear. If she is wearing her bra, ask her to remove it since it would be hard to do a thorough backrub when it is strapped on.

If you are the regular guy, you might be confused on the best position when you are giving a backrub. The most accessible position when you are massaging your partner is to straddle her, but you should not sit on her, hold your own weight while doing this. Find a position that you are most comfortable with since you would be spending several minutes while doing the massage.

8. Oil It Up: You Can Always Count on Aromatic Scents to Work

When you plan to be a masseur for the day, you should get into character. This means that you should have the complete tools especially the massage oil. As suggested above, you need essential oils that would have added benefits. Some oils work well as aphrodisiacs and you may want to invest on those.

If you are planning to give someone a massage, you should pour some oil on your hands first to warm it up. Cold hands could be a big deal breaker when you are doing a massage. Oils are relaxing and it could help your hand slide more easily when doing a massage.

Ideally, your oil should not be absorbed easily by the skin so you don’t have to reapply it constantly. If you are confused on the best choice, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from the health or spa store.

9. Find the Right Rhythm: Know the Right Strokes to Get Her Excited

know the right strokesWhile foreplay may be your go-to move when you want to initiate physical contact, doing a massage to get your partner excited may be the change of phase that you need to make things more interesting in the bedroom. If you are new to giving massages, start with compression. Use the heels of your palm to apply pressure directly on her muscles. Pay special attention to the area where the muscle and the bone meets since these are more prone to knots.

Poking the muscles isn’t a great idea. Instead, do some kneading during your massage and focus on the parts that are prone to muscle soreness.

Massage therapy is among the top recommendations in preparing a woman’s body for intercourse. Aside from making a woman more receptive to physical intimacy, it is also a mood booster. A rubdown can trigger the release of dopamine, the hormone responsible for arousal and motivation.

10. Take Your Time: Initiate Sex with Massage, But Don’t Give Her a Rushed Rubdown

take your timeWhile you may have offered a massage because you want to make things better in the bedroom, you should not be too quick about the entire massage business. You need to spend time to actually go through with the entire body rubdown.  Be prepared to be a masseur for about an hour. Spend at least 10 minutes on her upper body, head and neck, foot, and lower body.

If your partner has been giving you a cold shoulder because of headaches and body pains, this is the perfect opportunity to solve that issue. Massaging someone with bare hands delivers the same results that painkillers have on the brain according to a study on brain activity. Direct pressure is effective in loosening muscle knots and it can help someone feel more relaxed. It turns out that a massage can trigger pleasant sensations in the brain which is what you should be aiming to achieve.

If you are feeling too excited by this stage, you may want to use some products to promote sexual enjoyment such as VigRX Plus. However, you should consult your doctor first when trying out any male enhancement products, especially when you are taking other types of medication or you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

11. Pay Attention to Neck Muscles: Relaxing Shoulder Rubs Charge Sexual Tension

pay attention to neck musclesOften, people think of shoulder rubs when someone offers them a massage. Most people feel a lot of tension in the neck area and rubbing the shoulders can help ease the pain. When you are bent on having a sexual evening, you should always include a neck massage in your repertoire.

For the neck area, you need to do a fair amount of kneading especially round the shoulders. After you are done with that area, you can progress to the neck area, but make your strokes lighter.

If you are feeling quite a champ in this massaging business, you can also massage her head and scalp, but you would have to ask her to sit down to do this properly.

12. Focus on Erogenous Zones:Sex Massages Are Meant to Be Steamy

Even if you don’t say anything, women know that a massage is not the only thing that you want to happen. After receiving so much pleasure at your hands, most women would be more than willing to give you a more pleasurable time. So, while you are focused on keeping her relaxed, you would also like to keep her excited, so she doesn’t doze off.

One of the best ways to make her moan without any genital contact is to tease her by the way you massage. When you are massaging her legs pay attention to her pectorals, glutes, pelvic bone and inner thighs, because all of these areas are highly sensitive. Compressions work best for the tailbone, the butt and the inner thigh, and for best results, follow it with gentle kneading motions.

While you are doing all those strokes, graze the area near her mound, but don’t touch it directly. The goal here is to keep her on her toes, so she would be as aroused as you are. Better yet, she would be the one to initiate sexual contact, even before you are done with your massage.

13. Steal a Few Kisses: Give Her a Preview of What’s to Come

head massageWhile doing a massage is serious business, it doesn’t mean that you can’t steal a few kisses while doing it. If you are eager to capture those lips even for a few seconds, a head massage would be the perfect excuse which requires your girl to be in a comfortable sitting position.

Giving a head massage is easy. You need to focus on the temple and the forehead and apply downward strokes near the hairline. For a more relaxing massage, run your fingers through her hair and massage the scalp.

During the massage, you can also whisper a few suggestions inher ear or just give that sensitive area some sensuous kisses. Remember that the ear happens to be a sensitive erogenous spot in the female body and it’s a good place to start your seduction.

14. Listen for Her Response: Move Your Hands Based on Her Reaction

When doing a massage, you should be keen on what your girl is telling you through her movements. If you pay close attention, it’s easy to know if a particular pressure point is causing too much pain or if your girl wants you to pay more attention to a certain area.

If you are straddling her, it would be easier to stay attuned to her body. Although it may be hard to concentrate on the task at hand when you have an almost naked female on your bed, remind yourself that the focus of the massage is her pleasure and desire. Waiting for a few more minutes would not kill you and may result in a more pleasurable sexual encounter.

15. Transition Smoothly: Be Subtle When Changing Your Moves from Relaxing to Sensual

an erotic massageAn erotic massage is a favorite when it comes to improving sexual encounters – and for good reason. Aside from relaxing your partner, it is a slow seduction which also means that you have to be subtle when you are done with the massage and are ready for something more intimate. Initiating sex with massage is a grade way to improve your bedroom activities

If you have been paying attention to your partner’s responses, you will know when they are ready to take it to the next level. Another great thing about a sensual massage is that you both won’t have too many clothes on. By the end of the massage, your partner should be feeling excited and more than ready to welcome your affections.

Remember to take care that you are not too abrupt in changing your pace. Try to test the waters first to know if your partner is turned on enough to indulge your erotic thoughts.

Boring sex is a reality that many couples are experiencing due to many reasons. You can break that dry spell and renew physical intimacy by introducing new types of foreplay, just like sex with massage. The creativity could make your partner appreciate your efforts and make bedroom time exciting again.



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