10 Reasons Regular Exercise for Men Means More Regular Sex


10 Reasons Regular Exercise for Men Means More Regular Sex

Erectile dysfunction alone affects millions of men from different age groups all over the world. Add to it the number of men who suffer from other sexual dysfunction issues, and that can send their sex lives into oblivion.

Poor sexual function can be due to several different factors, including health conditions, psychological issues and lifestyle. Fortunately, experts may have found one of the answers to one of the men’s biggest problems: exercise.

Here are eight reason exercise for men means more regular sex:

1. Exercise lowers your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that affects millions of men. It occurs when you are unable to achieve or sustain an erection long enough to have intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is due to several reasons, both physical and psychological. But, mainly it is due to the interference of blood flow into the penis.

A blocked or narrowed artery is one of the common reasons for insufficient blood flow to the penis. According to an expert from Harvard School of Public Health, exercise is an excellent way to reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction. It helps dilate your arteries, which, in turn, increases blood flow all over your body, including your penis.

exercised regularlyIn one Harvard study, results showed that men over 50 who are physically active are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who are inactive. Those who exercised regularly had better erections, and those exercised the most reported even better erections.

Exercising does not necessarily mean working out rigorously in the gym every day. In fact, just brisk walking for 30 minutes regularly can also help lower your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, exercising regularly can help you prevent excessive weight gain. Being overweight or obese is another huge risk factor of ED. Not to forget weight-related health conditions that also put you more at risk of ED.

2. Exercise increases pleasure.

Exercise improves your blood circulation, which, in turn, will make sex more pleasurable. The more blood that flows in your genitals, the more sensitive it will become to stimulation. This increases your pleasure during foreplay and sex. Some studies also suggest that exercise can improve the intensity of your orgasms. The more pleasure you and your partner feel during sex the more you’ll enjoy it as a couple, creating a stronger bond between you.

3. Exercise lowers your risk of obesity.

Overweight or obese men are two times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men with normal weight. Excessive weight gain can hurt your sex life in two ways. First, it makes you highly at risk of developing atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, which can lessen blood flow to the penis. Second, obese men tend to have lower testosterone levels, which lead to poor sex drive and low energy.

Do not despair. According to one study, obese men who lost a significant amount of weight were able to regain their sexual function.

Altering your diet may help you lose weight, but not for long. Your weight loss program should include dietary changes and exercise. Exercise helps you burn calories from the food you eat.

4. Exercise improves symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Men who are physically active tend to have less severe symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. It is a condition characterized by an enlarged prostate. Men with BPH often suffer from urinary problems, such as feeling the need to urinate more, especially at night, a weak urine stream and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the urine. Men who suffer from more severe cases may also suffer from poor sex drive, erectile dysfunction and less enjoyable sex, which can keep them from having an active sex life.

BPHSeveral studies have shown the link between physical activity and BPH. Men who are physically active are less likely to suffer from BPH, while men who live a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of developing BPH. Although experts are not sure how exercise or physical activity can help prevent BPH, one of their theories is that exercise helps lower testosterone, or the male hormone responsible for prostate growth.

There is no specific exercise recommended for men with BPH. Any well-rounded exercise routine will help you improve your overall health. Just 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week is enough to reap its benefits. If you find 30-minute exercise a bit difficult to complete, you can divide your whole routine into three 10-minute segments in a day.

5. Exercise makes you last longer in bed.

Exercise helps keep your muscles and bones strong, improves stamina and increases physical strength and flexibility. Thus, men who exercise may find it easier to move during sex, feel less pain and could even last longer in bed. All of these factors can make you feel good about yourself, which in turn can make you more confidence in the bedroom.

The best exercises to make you more fit for sex would be a combination of cardio exercises, flexibility and strength training. Change them up once in a while to keep yourself interested and engaged while doing them. You can try walking, biking, swimming, skating, weight training and other activities that you’ll find fun to do, so you’ll keep on doing them regularly.

6. Exercise makes you look good.

Physical insecurities may lead to poor performance in bed, but if you exercise, you can keep your body in great shape. You’ll get rid of excess fat and develop lean muscle. When you are more confident about how your body looks, you’ll be less distracted in the bedroom.

Though there is no study to prove inactive men are less confident in bed, it is obvious that the more confident you are of your appearance, the sexier you will feel. This will help you perform optimally in bed. A positive body image makes you feel more attractive and desirable, too.

7. Exercise makes you feel good.

DepressionDepression and anxiety are common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress is one of the top libido killers. Fortunately, exercise can help you deal with these problems.

Several studies show that physical activity can effectively treat mild to moderate depression. It calms your mind; it triggers the release of endorphins or feel good hormones, and it distracts you from negative thoughts. Additionally, exercise helps release pent up tension in your body.

The less emotionally troubled you are, the more open you are to sexual stimulation, the more you will enjoy having sex. In the first place, how can you have sex if you are not in the mood?

8. Exercise increases testosterone.

There is no definite explanation as to how testosterone affects your libido, there is no question that low libido is common in men with low testosterone, and that men with higher testosterone have increased libidos.

Testosterone levels may begin to drop as you age or due to a health condition, and with this your libido may decline, too. Hormone replacement therapy is one option you may choose to undergo to improve your sex drive.

The good news is that you can keep your testosterone levels high through regular exercise. Heavy weight training is one effective way to increase testosterone production in your body. Be careful though, because too much heavy weight lifting may lower your testosterone even more.

If you are a beginner, ask for professional guidance or join a program. This will help you learn to use the proper form when lifting weights to prevent injuries, as well as the appropriate weight and reps for you to do in order to avoid overdoing it.

Full squats will also increase weight training’s testosterone-boosting effect, but be sure not to rush yourself. An injury early on can derail all your efforts and prevent you from adopting a healthy exercise regimen.

9. Exercise improves overall sexual function.

A study conducted by researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center suggests that men who exercised more frequently have better sexual function, regardless of race.

sexual healthThe researchers used MET, or metabolic equivalents, to determine the intensity, total time and frequency of the exercise that works best to improve sexual health. Those who reached 18 METS, or the equivalent of two hours of rigorous exercise, three and a half hour moderate exercises or six hours of light exercises, all reported better sexual health.

According to one of the researchers, this is the first study that shows the link between improved sexual function and exercises participated by patients with diverse racial groups.

The 300 patients were asked about their activity levels then researchers rated them from being highly active, moderately active, mildly active or sedentary based on their self-reports. They were also asked about their overall sexual function, such as orgasms and erections.

Researchers found that the patients who were less active also reported having poor sexual function, and those who were highly active said they better erections, orgasms and overall sexual function.

10. Exercise makes you healthy.

Physical health and sexual function often go hand in hand. The healthier you are, the better your sexual function will be. Exercise benefits your health in many ways. It makes your body stronger, boosts your immunity, reduces your risk of certain diseases and improves sleep.

Exercise is not the only requirement to keep your body healthy. You also need to eat the right foods to get the necessary nutrients, and keep away from substance abuse.

Exercise for Better Sex

According to one expert, exercising to improve sexual function is not a one-size-fits-all. You have to find out what exercise works best for you. Regardless, here are some of the best exercises to make you better in bed:

1. Kegels

This exercise is aimed to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles or PC muscles. This is the same muscles that control the flow of urine. Kegels can benefit men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and overactive bladder.

To do Kegels, locate your PC muscle by trying to stop your urine mid-flow. Squeeze your PC muscles and gradually increase the reps and intensity over time. The best thing about Kegels is you can do them anytime and anywhere.

2. Push-ups

push-upsDo not get the wrong idea. We are not talking about push-ups with someone beneath you. Doing push-ups target many areas of your body. It helps you increase strength and stamina.

Not everyone will be able to do push-ups correctly the first time. To prepare yourself, do push-ups against a wall first. Then take it to the floor once you are ready. Go easy on yourself and start with a few reps adding more reps gradually.

3. Crunches

Having sex requires a lot of abdominal effort. Therefore, you have to strengthen your abdominal muscles, not just for a six-pack but to improve your moves during sex.

How to do crunches:

  1. Lie flat on your back.
  2. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground.
  3. Support your neck with your hands.
  4. Bring your upper body up slightly off the ground.

Start slowly by doing at least 15 reps, then gradually add more reps and sets. You can also do them on a stability ball.

4. Deadlifts

As discussed above, weight training can help increase your sex drive. Before you resort to weight lifting, be sure your body is in proper form. Deadlifts may look easy but can be dangerous if done wrong. Again, ask help from a pro, because you are better off being safe than being sorry.

5. Bench Presses

The bench press exercise targets many muscles in your body, such as your forearms, biceps, triceps, pecs, deltoids and abdominal muscles. It will strengthen your upper body and most importantly, it prepares your body for lots of hot action in the bedroom.

6. Rebounding

This is fun yet beneficial exercise. It improves blood flow. It strengthens leg, hip, and abdominal muscles. This is a fairly easy exercise, but you’ll need a trampoline. By using a trampoline, you can easily perform this exercise.

Stand on a trampoline with your feet slightly turned outwards. Bounce up high, but not so high that you’ll lose your balance and injure yourself. Perform two sets of rebounding twice a day for 10 minutes.

7. Swimming

swimmingIn a Harvard study, researchers found swimmers over 60 were just as sexually active as those men and women in their 40’s. No wonder, because swimming is a test of endurance. It helps you lose those excess pounds, too. To get the best out of this exercise, swim for 30 minutes, at least three times a week.

If these exercises are not your thing or if making a trip to the gym is too difficult to fit in your schedule, there are many ways to stay physically active. Biking and running are fun and easy exercises to do. Jogging and walking are effective, too.

You can also stay physically active by incorporating simple and easy exercises at work or at home, such as taking the stairs, biking to the nearest grocery store, and stretching and bending while sitting at your desk.

Most importantly, encourage your partner to stay active, too. You will both benefit from an active lifestyle. Exercising together is also an excellent way to bond together.

Exercise in the Bedroom

There will be lazy or busy times when outdoor exercises and gym workouts may not be the best idea. No need to fret. You can have the best exercise inside your bedroom. Yes, sex is the best exercise to improve your sexual function. According to experts, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Sex is an effective stress-reliever, painkiller and calorie burner. It makes use of several muscles in the body. When you are at it, do not rush to the end. Enjoy a long foreplay and try several positions until you sweat and wet it out.

Just an important reminder, your sexual problems could be due to many different reasons. Exercise may not be enough to improve your problem. If you are currently experiencing problems with your sex life, ask your doctor about it.

Regular exercise has numerous scientifically proven health benefits. Now, experts say exercise can benefit your sex life too.


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