8 Blatant Things You Are Unknowingly Doing to Push Her Away


Everything seems to be going just fine. You’re happy. She seems happy. You want it to last. You have a strong feeling it’s her. Then all of a sudden, she wants your relationship to be over. Or worse, she left you without even saying goodbye. Men seem to know a lot about many things, but when it comes to relationships, many of them seem to be clueless.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. You make mistakes along the way, and it is totally normal. We all do. However, making the same mistakes over and over again is a different story. And worse, you may be unknowingly doing it over and over again. While you are complacent and contented with how things are going between you and her, you may be unconsciously repeatedly doing these eight blatant things that will push her away.

1. You are Somewhat of a Narcissist.

datingThis is so true, especially at the dating stage. Most men tend to focus too much on convincing the woman they like that they are the best catch. You are better than the others, and you want to prove it to her. Yes, you have to take your game a step higher, especially if the competition is tough, but you have to remember in the end, she will most likely pick her best match. Don’t focus too much on selling yourself.

The dating stage is the getting-to-know each other stage. Yes, she knows you are smart, you know a lot about many things and been to many places, but what does she see in you in order to know that you might be the one?

What you should do:

Listen twice as much as you talk. A woman will greatly appreciate a man who opens himself up, but also takes the time to listen to what she has to offer.

2. You Always Check on Her.

clingyThis is particularly intended for the guys who want to take dating to the next level. Men can be clingy, especially when they meet someone they like. The rush of excitement and emotions can become so overwhelming, you may end up being an insecure, needy boyfriend.

Here is what you need to avoid if you don’t want to scare the girl you like away. Do not flood her with text messages every five minutes to ask her where she is, what she is doing and who she is with. It’s not only annoying, but it’s also scary. Another thing, don’t ask her who that was with her with the other day. She does not owe you an explanation.

What you should do:

It’s hard to contain your overflowing emotions, but you have to get a hold of yourself. Don’t worry about coming across as uninterested. Instead, focus on having a good time when she agrees to go out on a date with you and make sure she is having a good time, too.

You are doing yourself a favor by keeping your distance until you have earned your right. Then again, no normal person is happy with an over jealous, insecure boyfriend.

3. You are Clueless When it Comes to Women.

womenPeople, in general, take the time to learn many things, but spend too little time to learn about relationships. What do you know about women? What do you know about your partner? The less you know about her, the more she will be dissatisfied and unhappy.

According to some love experts, women have different languages of love. Some women feel appreciated when their partners give them compliments. Some women feel happy when their partners help them with chores voluntarily. Some women feel loved through constant physical intimacy, while others want presents and surprises.

Take time to observe and analyze her behavior, and what she is as a person. By making an effort to know more about her feelings, and what she likes and what she dislikes, you will be aware of her needs, what can make her happy and what can make her feel loved.

Women often break up with their partners not because of what they did, but because of what they did not do. When you know more about who she is, you’ll know how to address her wants and needs better.

What you should do:

You don’t have to be a mind reader; you just have to allot the time to learn more about your partner. That way, you can apply what you have learned through your words and actions. Perhaps, one of your biggest clues is the golden rule. How she treats you is most likely how she wants to be treated.

4. You Take Her For Granted.

spend time with herShe gets it; you have to work hard for the future. You have to spend time with friends and other people for personal growth. You have to go out, play sports and do your other interests to relieve stress. She also knows spending time with your family is important. But, you also have to understand she needs you to be there for her. You don’t have to be there for her all the time.

She is not demanding much of your time. She just wants you to spend time with her and to be emotionally present when you are with her. If you would rather watch a television show or play a video game than spend an evening with her, don’t be surprised if she starts to spend her evenings with another guy soon.

What you should do:

What you need to do is show her that she is on the top of your list of priorities. Spend time with her as much as you spend time doing other things. If you have been away for work for a week, make sure to catch up with her once you get back. It would hurt her to know you were out with friends drinking at a bar without even letting her know you are back in town.

5. You are Consistently Inconsistent.

What does it mean to be inconsistent? It is when you speak, but you don’t act. It is when you are so sweet today, and then you ignore her completely for the next couple of days. Then, you come back, pretending like you were not missing for days.

promisesA woman with an inconsistent man as a partner feels like she is on a roller coaster ride over and over again. You are unconsciously taking her emotions for a ride every time you make her happy, and then disappoint her 10 times more.

Being consistent reflects your feelings towards your partner. How you treat her shows how much you value her. The more inconsistent you are with your words and actions, the more she will doubt about your feelings for her.

What you should do:

Avoid making promises you can’t keep. Don’t utter words that you don’t really mean or can’t stand behind. And above all, if you tell her you love her, make sure you can show it by doing what you say.

Be consistent and careful with your words and actions. Show her that she can depend on you. This way, she will feel more relaxed and happy when she’s around you, which is what you want.

6. You Get But Don’t Give.

Most men treat their partners as an option. Someone to do fun things with when there is no one else and when there is nothing else to do. Remember, a healthy relationship is built on give and take. You give what you take from her and vice versa.

healthy relationshipA healthy relationship consists of two people working together to make it work and last. Working together means working as a team and doing your fair share of efforts. If you let her do all the hard work, eventually, she’ll get exhausted. She will realize she is better off alone than to be with a person who keeps hurting her feelings.

What you should do:

Nobody wants to be just an option, not even you. If you can’t fully commit to a woman, then don’t give her false hopes of a serious relationship. Be honest with what you want from her and if she does not agree with your proposition, stay away, so no one gets hurt.

7. You are Insensitive to Her Needs.

Is it so difficult for you to take her to a romantic dinner once in a while? Is it too hard for you to plan a surprise on your anniversary? Enough with the reason that you are not a naturally romantic person. Enough with the take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Is it too much to bend a little bit to make your partner feel special?

romantic dinnerMen lack initiative because they are not sensitive to their partner’s feelings. Yes, women are complex creatures. They don’t want to put you out, so if you were to ask her if she wants that special party or present, her “no” answer may actually mean “yes.” And, because you are insensitive, you believe your partner’s “no” answer.

You don’t bother with the party or gift, and she ends up feeling disappointed and unloved. That is not what you want. Make sure to surprise her once in a while. She will love you for it.

Do you even wonder why your partner acts that way? It is not always because she is compliant. She may want to see you figure out what she wants you to do. She doesn’t want you to do things just because she tells you to do so. If you are always oblivious to her needs, this can lead to dissatisfaction, and eventually the loss of affection. In other words, the relationship will degrade and most likely, come to an end.

What you should do:

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what makes her happy. A girl’s actions speak loudly about her. If she is fond of giving surprises, most likely she would be happy to get a surprise from you. Use your brain and heart to figure it out.

Keep in mind, although women are complicated, most of them are easy to please. Your effort doesn’t have to be ostentatious or expensive, as long as you make the effort. It’s the thought that counts.

8. You Don’t Look Past Her Physical Appearance.

her beautyThere is nothing wrong with verbally admiring your partner’s looks; however, doing it all the time will make her think you want to be with her only because of her physical appearance.  A compliment on her beauty is a stroke on her confidence, but appreciating her personality is far more heartwarming.

Everyone knows that beauty fades, so she doesn’t want your love to fade along with it. She doesn’t want to be a trophy girlfriend. Instead, she wants to be loved and appreciated for all that she is.

What you should do:

Let her know how great she looks in the dress she is wearing, but more importantly, let her know how beautiful you see her as a person and how you appreciate the things she does as your partner.

It’s easy to say you’re sorry when you know you’ve made a mistake, but what if you are unconsciously hurting the person you love until you push her away? Saying you are sorry isn’t enough if you repeat the behavior time and time again. All it takes is a little time and effort to make a big difference in your relationship.


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